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Below is a short list of frequently asked questions about MakeHartford – if you don’t see the answer to your question in the list below please send us a message and we will try to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

What is MakeHartford?
Makehartford is a makerspace located at 30 Arbor street in the Parkville neighborhood of Hartford. We are Hartford’s first and only community of artists, technologists, and entrepreneurs for hands-on innovation.

What is a Makerspace?
A makerspace is a non-profit MakerSpace co-op where creative and technical people can collaborate and make things! Its like a gym for artists, engineers, and/or people who want to learn new techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

Do you host or know of any networking events with Makers in other states or nearby cities?
Yes, our Greater Hartford Maker Calendar displays events from a wide variety of local cities and our Meetup group will occasionally host take field trips to events further away (New York and Boston mostly).

We also have regular meetings with the leaders of other makerspaces in the state and surrounding areas to discuss promoting each other’s events and sharing equipment and resources.

What equipment do you have or plan to have?
An equipment list can be found on our website and we are currently accepting equipment donations and can discuss equipment leases on almost anything. We aim to have at least $100,000 in equipment within 2 years including: 3d printers, laser cutters, cnc machines, and other advanced manufacturing and fabrications equipment.

Are you open 24 hours a day?
Members are allowed 24 hour membership after an initial probationary period.

Do you offer classes?
We will be offering a wide array of classes in wood and metal working, arduino, electronics, robotics, drone techs, sewing and fabrics, leatherworking, glass making, and so on.

How do you make money?
Our income comes mostly from membership dues and class fees. This is enough to keep the lights on and the doors open. Other equipment will be leased from members. Larger equipment acquisitions will require more capital than we can muster and so we are currently discussing sponsorship with several prominent connecticut companies.

Where can I get more information about leasing my equipment to MakeHartford in exchange for a discount on membership?
Right here. The beauty of the lease program is that there is no risk to the equipment owner, and almost no risk to the space. Send us an email if you have questions about the program ( info[at]MakeHartford[dot]com ).

Are you currently offering memberships?
Yes we are. Ask any member or enquirer at the Sign In desk about more membership information and forms.

How many members can we really fit in the space?
Based on estimates from other spaces around the country we estimate the capacity of a space our size to serve about 30 full time members. This assumes that not everyone is in the space at the same time. We currently have about 20 full time members.

Is there additional space available within the building?
Yes. We have room to expand when needed.

Do you offer private workspace or storage?
Yes we do. Private work space may be licensed on a monthly basis. Ask for more details.
Storage rates are negotiable based on space needed. In time we will offer secure locker storage units as well as pallet sized spaces for larger projects (drones, uav, drying racks, etc).
There are also Uhaul self storage units available just around the corner.

Can MakeHartford host events, meetings, or classes?
Yes we can. Please send an email to info[at]MakeHartford[dom]com to discuss the date and time. There is no charge.

What is the best way to learn about MakeHartford events?
Join our mailing list or our Meetup account. We host public nights on Wednesday evenings.

Is MakeHartford a tax-exempt non profit 501(c)3 organization?
Yes, we are. All donation are tax deductible. Thanks for asking.
More information is available upon request.

What are the age requirements of MakeHartford?

  • Must be 18 years or older for 24-hour membership.
  • Minimum age to use tools and equipment is 16, with approved adult supervision.
  • Well-behaved individuals under 16 are allowed in the space for classes and events when accompanied by approved adult supervision.

MakeHartford is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the state of Connecticut.

We make stuff.

Email, Call, or Fax Us

E: info@MakeHartford.com
T: (860) 578-4338
H: (860) 331-8220


30 Arbor Street,
Hartford, CT

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