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Below is a listing of friendly equipment resellers and dealers. In general, this list favors CT manufactures and distributors. Send us an email if you know of a local or online reseller we should add to this list.

Circuit Cellars – East Hartford, CT – http://circuitcellar.com/
MAKE Magazine – Sebastopol, CA – http://makezine.com/

Electronics Components
Radio Shack – Bloomfield, CT – http://www.radioshack.com/
Cables and Connectors – Newington, CT – http://www.cablesandconnectors.com/

Near Field Communications:
Texas Instruments  – Houston TX- http://www.ti.com/lsds/ti/microcontroller/near_field_communications/products.page

Industrial Equipment:
McMaster Carr, Robbinsville, NJ – http://luckandlevity.com/
Amazon Supply – http://www.amazonsupply.com/

HomeBrew Equipment:
Luck and Levity, New Haven, CT – http://luckandlevity.com/

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